What Do I Say To Someone Who Has Cancer?

If you’ve ever found out someone had a serious illness and suddenly not known what to say, don’t worry. You are not alone. In this episode of the podcast, Craig and Kirk talk about some of the ways that people have reached out that have been the most helpful and meaningful for Craig during his treatments.

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Craig Faulkner

Craig J. Faulkner enjoyed a successful career as a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Investment Advisor before he founded Emerald, a large financial services marketing company he ran for twenty years. He pioneered new marketing approaches for the financial services industry, including a line of seminars that is still used by thousands of financial professionals. In 2011, Craig formed FMG Suite to explore digital marketing technologies for financial advisors.

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  • Hi Craig…I try to keep up with your “project” but I may be one podcast behind because my grandson Jack who is visiting with his mother and other siblings is in “potty training” and since his DAD is in the Army overseas, Jack makes me his ” go to man” when nature calls AND I HAVE LEARNED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND MAKE THAT A PRIORITY….or its the mop and bucket for me!!!! I appreciated your insights in this segment and it reminded me …of this quote”Enthusiasm is Oxygen to the SOUL”…and you have IT my friend, in all circumstances. So keep them doggies rollin RAWHIDE! Your friend Reed.

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