It’s about time for some good news! Craig gets to hear the one word all cancer patients are waiting to hear: Remission! But like all things when it comes to cancer treatment, even the good news is not without its complications.

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  • Hey Craig.,

    Congratulations on your remission!!!! So happy for you! It’s always great to see people make it through this disease. Ive been having breathing problems and systemic bone pain for a year now and have just recently been referred to a hematologist. My family doctor thinks I should get a bone marrow biopsy. My background is painting, and mostly paint spraying and refinishing kitchen cabinetry for past 4 years now. Unfortunately I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of paint which is prone to create leukaemia. Im a techy guy and information junky so staying up to date with new health technology and new treatment options keeps me optimistic. My passion is also keeping my hopeful. I’ve got a robotic start up that I work on in my spare time with my partners. I try to stay motivated and hope that soon I can put my health in my own hands. You’ve taught me how to handle my sickness like a project juggling it with life and business. Thinking of it in this way helps my get through it. A couple of things I wanted to share with you that I have been following for the past year. I wasn’t going to once I heard you were in remission but i think it’d be worth knowing anyway, even though your healthy. I’ve started with most important. I’ve included some website links and YouTube links for the subject. I wish you the best and great job beating cancer!

    Human longevity Inc, is the worlds largest gene sequencing facility,founded by Craig Ventor in San Diego has a the most comprehensive work up you could ever get, each including the gene sequence with full MRI. If you go make sure to ask for the variant/mutations as well.

    This is the era of proactive, precision, personalized, predictive and preventative medicine.

    HUMAN LONGEVITY INC. The Health Nucleus
    (Big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning)

    Genotype allows you to determine the underlying cause of cancer

    There’s this new treatment called CAR T Cell offered by Novartis and recently approved lay the FDA for treatment of all blood cancers. It has been put 83% of patients into full remission! It’s not chemo, it’s a personalized immunotherapy that uses your whole gene sequence to custom tailer the treatment. It has been very successful, people with end stage going into remission within 2weeks!

    CAR T CELLS(chimeric antigen receptors)

    GPS CANCER (genome,proteome, mass spectrometry)
    Personalized Molecular Decision Support for Cancer Therapy Before Treatment Begins

    LIQUID BIOPSIES(detect and track circulating tumor cells, after remission )

    IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY(gene therapy)


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